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Positioned on the corner of one of Cappadocia’s most famous street Esbelli, 4 Oda Cave Hotel is the finest of hotels in the area,offers guests a central location for enjoying the charm,espectacular view and treasures of this historic city. Because of the temperature in cave is stable,almost +14 degrees ,the cave rooms are very warm in winter and too cool in summer.It made people to stay & live in a cave dwelling for a long years in history.They used to these areas as kitchen,stable and living areas.As seen in the pictures, before the restoration ,the hotel’s area was almost destroying because of not having an attention to main structure of building. We were too respectful to enviroment while the restoration stage. Even the little details took a lot of time to consider how we should reflect the past and keep it as original. When we decided to renovate this charming area, the main rule was not giving any damage to originality and authenticity of houses.And we did. To feel the history and thousand years memories of the area,we kindly invite you to our warm,most friendly and lovely hotel in Cappadocia.



4 Oda Cave Hotel Cappadocia